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Compliance Software

Reporting of Accidents in Real-time

  • Real-time reporting accidents and incidents;
  • Accidents register to meet your legislative requirements;
  • Reporting features to show the trend of your data;
  • Setup will be tailored to fit your organisation’s system;
  • A recorded log of Actions Taken to save time and money;
  • Ability to assign multiple investigators;
  • Workflow stages of investigations and corrective actions;
  • Attach supporting files at any time during the investigation;
  • Information from remote sites and employees;
  • Emails notification of accident/incident when they are raised/investigated; and
  • Comprehensive report writer that allows reporting on any area of the database.

Audits & Inspections

  • Ability to tailor audit & inspection questions to your needs;
  • Include auditor ‘hints and tips’ to each question;
  • Escalation alerts if events are not completed within the timeframe;
  • Audit/Inspection forms based on a location or activity;
  • Design your own audit result ratings;
  • Audit reminder to your inspectors;
  • Keep records of your audit findings each question; and
  • Raise an improvement directly from your audit results.

Document Management

  • Full document control of all your documents, forms, manuals and procedures;
  • Change control process with Approver and Publisher roles;
  • Makes all documents available to your staff instantly;
  • Access all documentation from any computer connected to the Internet;
  • Notify all relevant employees of changes to your documents;
  • Embed links to documentation, upload files and links to websites; and
  • Easily incorporate your current company documentation.

Event Management

  • Automatic reminders for responsible person;
  • Automatical escalation alerts if events are not completed within the defined timeframe;
  • Set up events for various requirements;
  • Set and view events based on categories;
  • View of outstanding events on the user’s Dashboard;
  • Maintain a record of all historical events and associated notes;
  • Reports on due or overdue tasks; and
  • Letting the system maintain all your scheduled tasks instead of calendar reminders.

Human Resource

  • Keep a centralised and integrated database of all your employee’s information;
  • Maintain and manage training records and competency ratings;
  • Produce training matrix reports;
  • Employee assessment review reports;
  • Manage employee’s Health Monitoring;
  • Record Private Records on employee’s files;
  • Associate skills to positions and then to employees;
  • Create skill sets quickly and easily;
  • Training requirements automatic notifications;
  • Upload skills and training records to multiple employees; and
  • Utilise a comprehensive report writer that allows reporting on any area of the database.


  • Attach photos and files at any time during an investigation;
  • Tailor the module and interface to reflect your organisation’s system;
  • Identify trends and root causes;
  • Monitor status of investigations;
  • Save time and money getting information from other sites;
  • Assign multiple investigators to an issue and notify investigators via email;
  • Perform improvements in real time; and
  • Utilise a comprehensive report writer that allows reporting on any area of the database.

Plant & Equipment

  • Automatically remind the person responsible for the maintenance;
  • Easily observe due or overdue maintenance;
  • Set up any type of maintenance;
  • Easily locate each piece of plant and equipment;
  • Automatically send escalation alerts if the maintenance is not completed;
  • Easily view maintenance history;
  • Be assured that the system is maintained and controlled at all times; and
  • Easily set up an asset register.

Risk Management

  • Easily control risks;
  • Integrate the recording and assessment of risks;
  • Use client defined rating system;
  • Eliminate double handling of information;
  • Integrate any external information (SDS, websites, etc.) relating to a risk register;
  • Set review periods for risk registers including set up of automatic reminder emails;
  • Central control of information makes it easy to display and update risks; and
  • Have information available to all employees online, from anywhere, anytime.

Suppliers & Contractors

  • Rate suppliers and sub-contractors;
  • Prescribe your own rating categories;
  • Receive email reminders for review periods;
  • Approve and monitor external trainers;
  • Provide employees with approved suppliers and sub-contractor details;
  • Control a single database of supplier and sub-contractor information; and
  • If required, automatic notification of training requirements directly to suppliers and               sub-contractors is available, saving your time and effort.

KPI & Charts

  • Create customised charts through our chart writer;
  • The customised charts allow you to report on specific fields with specified filters;
  • Choose either a line, bar or pie graph to display the results;
  • Once you have created your customised graph, you can save it inside Mango; and
  • Export graphs out of Mango by downloading or saving files to your computer.

Mobile App

  • Access Mango On-The-Go;
  • Manage your QHSE responsibilities from one place … your pocket!; and
  • The Mango QHSE App can be downloaded for free from the App Store for iPhone or               Google Play for Android devices.  Just search for “Mango QHSE” and click download.