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ISO 55010:2019

ISO 55010:2019 – Asset Management System

ISO 55001 specifies the requirements for an Asset Management System within the context of your Organisation. The Asset Management System can be applied to all types of assets, regardless of whether the assets are financial, physical or organisational, and to all types and sizes of Organisations.

This International Standard has been designed to support your business in the proper handling of processes and risks, leading to the improvement of current and future company performance.

By managing the assets properly, you will be able to use your available assets wisely and get more out of their utilisation while delivering added value to your business.

Main Benefits

Ensure assets meet necessary safety and performance requirements

Ensure the assets fulfil their necessary function

Improved quality assurance for customers/regulators

Supports international business growth

Reduce total cost of risks associated with ownership of assets: Maintenance costs and inefficiency to accident prevention

Achieve higher return with the assets

Better control of daily activities

Enhance brand reputation