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Integrated Management System (IMS)

An Integrated Management System (IMS) combines all components of your Organisation into one system which allows for streamlined operations and simplified management.

Combining two or more management systems allows for the integration of commonalities while, at the same time, avoiding duplication of information and facilitating the interaction of processes.



IMS Infographic


ISO Standards are particularly well suited to be integrated as the overall structure is the same and many aspects overlap. This means that the same policies, procedures, processes and documents can be used for several Standards, thereby reducing implementation costs. An IMS will also help to ensure that documentation and objectives are consistent across management systems.

The most commonly combined Management Systems are Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems. However, an IMS can be designed to fit the needs of your Organisation.

What are the benefits of having IMS ?

  • Interaction of processes, avoidance of duplications and replicating tasks;
  • Auditing of more than one system at a time; and
  • Improvement and review of the Management Systems already facilitated.

An Organisation doesn’t need to have a Management System in place to implement Integrated Management Systems. It can be done all at once, depending on your business needs.