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Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping helps your Organisation to realise immediate results, identify the cause of wastes and misaligned capacities, highlight error-prone systems and processes and it provides significant insight to understand the actual lead-time.

The main outcome of these activities is aligning your Organisation with your customer needs. By utilisation of company resource, you will enhance productivity, reduce process wastes and cost and enhance efficiency and productivity.

The first step is to monitor and understand the status quo of your processes. We then engage with your team to map these existing process. Your employees know your business the best.

Most of the improvement ideas are the result of brainstorming activities and engagement. We work with you on designing the desired state and help you along the journey of implementation.

Typical Expected Results:

Reduction of Lead-time 80%
Work-In-Process Inventory Reduction 80%
Space Utilisation 75%
Reduction of Accident/Incidents 70%
Quality Improvement 70%
Productivity Increased 50%
Direct Labour Reduction 40%
Revenue Growth 30%

The journey that we take together to reach your Future State Process…

Current State
Process Identification

Define Objectives, Scope, Stakeholders and affected Business Units.

Information Gathering

Speak with a relevant process expert and get an understanding of the current situation.

Process Mapping

Develop a process map of the status quo.


Brainstorm ideas for improvements, list identified gaps and non-value added activities that can be eliminated or minimised.

Future State

Design the Future State by the elimination of unnecessary work, streamlining of processes, rearranging of tasks and introduction of new processes.

Action Plan

Develop an action plan for implementation with a concrete timeline and stakeholders leading those tasks.

Future State