Compliance Software

By becoming a Mango partner we have been able to offer our business systems technical excellence and industry knowledge for implementation and support at no cost to Mango customers.

We have been able to deliver tangible cost savings, streamline processes and eliminate waste.

Integration of all compliance requirement into one solution has made this product a market leading solution.

  • Real-time reporting accidents and incidents
  • Accidents register to meet your legislative requirements
  • Reporting features to show the trend of your data to drive improvement activities
  • Setup will be tailored to fit your organisation’s system
  • A recorded log of Actions Taken to save time and money looking for
  • Ability to assign multiple investigators
  • Workflow stages of investigations, corrective actions and preventive actions
  • Attach photos, documents and supporting files at any time during the investigation
  • Information from remote sites and employees
  • Emails notification of accident/incident when they are raised, investigated, reviewed, comments being made and closed
  • Comprehensive report writer that allows reporting on any area of the database
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  • Ability to tailor audit & inspection questions to your needs
  • Include auditor 'hints and tips' to each question
  • Escalation alerts if events are not completed within the timeframe
  • Audit/Inspection forms based on a location or activity
  • Design your own audit result ratings
  • Audit reminder to your inspectors
  • Keep records of your audit findings each question
  • Raise an improvement directly from your audit results
  • Full document control of all your documents, forms, manuals and procedures
  • Change control process with Approver and Publisher roles
  • Makes all documents available to your staff instantly 
  • Access all documentation from any computer connected to the Internet
  • Notify all relevant employees of changes to your documents
  • Embed links to documentation, upload files and links to websites
  • Easily incorporate your current company documentation
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  • Automatic reminders for responsible person 
  • Automatical escalation alerts if events are not completed within the defined timeframe
  • Set up events for various requirements
  • Set and view events based on categories
  • View of outstanding events on the user's Dashboard
  • Maintain a record of all historical events and associated notes
  • Reports on due or overdue tasks
  • Letting the system maintain all your scheduled tasks instead of calendar reminders
Kaizen Event
  • Keep a centralised and integrated database of all your employee's information
  • Maintain and manage training records and competency ratings
  • Produce training matrix reports
  • Employee assessment review reports
  • Manage employee's Health Monitoring
  • Record Private Records on employee's files
  • Associate skills to positions and then to employees
  • Create skill sets quickly and easily
  • Training requirements automatic notifications
  • Upload skills and training records to multiple employees
  • Utilise a comprehensive report writer that allows reporting on any area of the database
Human resources management concept business man selecting virtual interface
  • Attach photos and files at any time during an investigation
  • Tailor the module and interface to reflect your organisation’s system
  • Identify trends and root causes
  • Monitor status of investigations
  • Save time and money getting information from other sites
  • Assign multiple investigators to an issue and notify investigators via email
  • Perform improvements in real time
  • Utilise a comprehensive report writer that allows reporting on any area of the database
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  • Automatically remind the person responsible for the maintenance
  • Easily observe due or overdue maintenance
  • Set up any type of maintenance
  • Easily locate each piece of plant and equipment
  • Automatically send escalation alerts if the maintenance is not completed within the administrator-defined timeframe
  • Easily view maintenance history
  • Be assured that the system is maintained and controlled at all times
  • Easily set up an asset register
Kaizen Consulting Maintenance
  • Easily control risks
  • Integrate the recording and assessment of risks
  • Use client defined rating system
  • Eliminate double handling of information
  • Integrate any external information (MSDS, regulations, websites, etc.) relating to a risk on the register
  • Set review periods for risk registers including set up of automatic reminder emails when review is required
  • Central control of information makes it easy to display and update risks
  • Have information available to all employees online, from anywhere, anytime
Health and safety
  • Rate suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Prescribe your own rating categories
  • Receive email reminders for review periods
  • Approve and monitor external trainers
  • Provide employees with approved suppliers and sub-contractor details
  • Control a single database of supplier and sub-contractor information
  • If required, automatic notification of training requirements directly to suppliers and sub-contractors is available, saving your time and effort
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  • Create customised charts through our chart writer
  • The customised charts allow you to report on specific fields with specified filters
  • Choose either a line, bar or pie graph to display the results
  • Once you have created your customised graph, you can save it inside Mango for future reference
  • Export graphs out of Mango by downloading or saving files to your computer



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